Business Briefs: Your Content Creation Shortcut?

“56 High-Quality Marketing And Business Articles That Teach You To Drive Traffic, build Your List And Generate Sales”

Business ebook you will love because it contains tremendous information about marketing and business...
You Know You Need High-Quality Content … And Lots Of It 

...learn to drive traffic, build list and generate sales with BUSINESS BRIEFS

You’re getting 14 sections and 56 high-quality articles that are each between 500-600 words
(approximately 30,823 words … over 130 pages!) 
across 14 in-demand business and marketing categories.

What’s Included In Business Briefs eBook?

Take a look and see the topics inside the ebook: 

1. Building Your Tribe
* Five Savvy Tips And Tricks For Building Your Tribe
* The Essential Tools And Platforms You Need For Building Your Tribe
* The Engaged Audience Checklist
* Four Surefire Tips For Building Your Tribe Using Social Media

2. Personal Branding
* FAQ: How To Craft A Strong Brand.
* How To Integrate Your Brand Into Your Business.
* Tips For Building Brand Recognition.
* The Mission Statement Worksheet.

3. Becoming An Expert
* How To Become A True Expert.
* The Secrets Of Positioning Yourself As An Expert.
* The #1 Key To Others Seeing You As An Authority.
* Three Surefire Ways to Borrow Other People’s Credibility.

4. Becoming A Better Teacher And Communicator
* 5 Mistakes Communicators Make And How To Fix Them.
* The Essential Checklist For Faster, Easier, and Better Writing.
* Five Surefire Ways To Become a Better Coach.
* The Cheat Sheet For Creating High-Impact Videos.

5. Crafting The Perfect Offer
* The Market Research Worksheet.
* Five Ways To Create A Strong USP.
* The Perfect Offer Checklist.
* How To Add Value To Any Offer.

6. Creating A Training Protocol
* How To Create a Freelance-Training Process Map In Three Easy Steps.
* Dos And Don’ts For Getting Fantastic Results From Freelancers.
* Six Super-Useful Tools For Managing Your Team.
* The Secrets of Getting Your Freelancer’s BEST Work.

7. Idea Implementation
* Tips and Tricks for Brainstorming and Capturing All Your Good Ideas.
* Think You Got a Great Idea? Not So Fast…
* The “How to Turn An Idea Into a Reality” Checklist.
* How To Fund Your New Business Idea.

8. Telling Your Story To Get People To Know, Like, And Trust You
* Three Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Explainer Videos.
* How to Create An Email Series That Builds Relationships.
* The Surprising Mistakes Marketers Make When Using Social Media.
* How to Get Other People to Share Your Story.

9. Turning Your Ideas Into Offers
* The “Turning Ideas Into Offers” Cheat Sheet.
* The #1 Question To Ask Yourself When Mulling A Business or Product Idea.
* The Product Format Worksheet.
* The #1 Mistake Product Creators Make.

10. Building And Working With A Virtual Team
* 7 Ways To Find Freelancers.
* Dos And Don’ts For Managing Your Freelance Team.
* How To Get Even Better Work From Your Freelancers.
* The Dos and Don’ts for Offering Critical Feedback.

11. Building Customer Loyalty
* The Customer Service Checklist.
* Three Great Ways To Build Customer Loyalty.
* A Customer Is Upset… Now What?
* The Keys To Building A Great Customer Service Team.

12. Personal Discipline For Business Success
* How To Get More Done In Less Time.
* How To Set And Achieve Your Goals.
* Five Surefire Ways To Stay Motivated.
* How To Recognize And Eliminate Productivity Killers.

13. Crafting The Perfect Business Schedule
* The Quarterly Business Schedule Worksheet.
* Warning: Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Weekly and Daily Business Schedules.
* The Dos And Don’ts For Creating And Executing Effective To-Do Lists.
* The Three Surprising Items Many Business Owners Forget to Schedule.

14. Positioning Your Business
* How to Create the Perfect “Elevator Pitch”.
* Three Proven Ways to Position Your Business To Get a Bigger Market Share.
* A Checklist For Creating Content That Reflects Your Market Positioning.
* Field Testing Your Market Position 

Think about it – you can’t even get a large mocha at Starbucks for under two bucks. And here you’re getting each piece of content for that price. How long would it take you to create a 500-word article? 

Tell you what… your time is worth more than $1.73 an article. And you can bet this entire package will pay for itself once you generate just one or two sales from links in just one of the articles. And that’s why this package of content is a really good deal… and a great investment in your business. 
But only if you put them to work for your business!  So get your copy now.

Get All 56 Articles In pdf Format.
PLUS The Lead Magnet Cheatsheet Bonus In Editable PSD Format.

Get Business Briefs (30,823 Words / 135 Pages)
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P.S. Every effort has been made to accurately represent this package and its potential.
Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.
As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.

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