Ready To Get More People To Buy From You?

Here’s How To Overcome Buyer Resistance And Automatically Convince More People To Order…

Today Is The Day You Learn To Create Deals Too Good To Pass Up With This Simple Blueprint For Using Bonuses To Get More Buyers!

Introducing Bonuses That Convert: Your Go-To Blueprint For Getting Others To Take Action Now!

Bonuses That Convert is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for using free incentives to build your list, get more orders, activate affiliate partners and automatically grow your business in a dozen different ways. 

When you download Bonuses That Convert below, you will… 

    1. Learn exactly what the “B.O.N.U.S.” strategy is for creating and distributing bonuses that actually work for you instead of working against you. (Yes, many people use bonuses that actually hurt sales!)
    2. Get dozens of examples of the critical parts so you can understand how to put them to work in your own business to see real results.

     3. Complete actual “assignments” to immediately make progress as you create and deploy each type of bonus. Hint: Different bonuses accomplish different objectives and work together to create an order- producing system!

 As you work your way through the Bonuses That Convert curriculum, you will learn the different types of bonuses to enhance your main offer, how to get fence-setters to buy, the secret to creating effective bonuses in just 30 minutes, and exactly where to promote your bonus so it does what it is designed to do (get more orders).

There are other mistakes too, but these are some big ones. By the time you’re finished working through Bonuses That Convert, you’ll eliminate all of them. Because Bonuses That Convert Bonuses That Convert unpacks a simple premise that I’ll share with you right now… Bonuses that convert are designed to add real value by making people feel like your main offer is doable. Are you tracking with that? Follow the logic…

* People want to achieve a specific outcome. (IE lose weight, run a marathon, housetrain a puppy, etc.)
* People look for solutions that will help them achieve the specific outcome.
* People consider your paid product as a potential solution worth investing in.
* People think it is “worth it” to spend money on your product if it delivers the outcome.
* People buy if your product and bonuses work together to make them feel like the outcome is doable.

So your bonuses need to… 

Provide the tools they need to feel ready to use your main product (essentially overcoming buyer reluctance) and
the tools to take action and implement what they learned​ in your main product (so they get results quicker, easier and better). 

The big question is: how can you make that happen? That’s where Bonuses That Convert comes in…

What’s Included In Bonuses That Convert?

There are lots of ways that bonuses can benefit you and your business including:

* Boost sales            

* Motivate affiliates

* Reduce refunds

* Create backend profit

* Get more customer referrals

* Boost contest registrations

* Improve member retention

* Boost customer satisfaction

* Get more subscribers

* Create a viral effect

* Get more webinar registrations

* Sell out during launch week

But only if you know how to create “bonuses that convert“. 🙂 You’re about to discover the five keys to creating a powerfully effective B.O.N.U.S. strategy to do just that.  These keys include: What does all that mean and how does it help you grow your business? Read on… 

Here’s How To Create And Uses Bonuses To Overcome Buyer Reluctance And Get More People To Order…

Lesson One:
10 Ways To Use Bonuses To Automatically Get More Orders For Your Business

A strategic bonus is almost magical in what it can do for your business. Not only can a good bonus increase your sales, it can also reduce refunds and retain customers. Plus a whole lot of other profit-generating things. And this lesson reveals to you 10 surefire ways to use bonuses to grow your business!

Bonus One:
The Bonuses That Convert Worksheet

You’ve got a great blueprint in hand now for optimizing your bonus strategy. To make it even easier to implement this strategy, you’ll want to walk through the steps of this worksheet. This is a perfect companion for the main curriculum and a great way to get your bonus strategy up and running fast! In fact, when you print this out, fill-in-the-blanks to complete the assignments, and actually get things done, I’m guessing you’ll find this one bonus is worth 10X what you paid for the whole course.

Bonus Two:
50 Fill-In-The-Blank Titling Templates That Lock Eyeballs And Arouse Interest

Once your bonus is complete, then it’s time to do this very important step: title it. Your title is so important that it can make or break the success of your bonus. While I want you to go ahead and order below, I’m so confident I know what I’m talking about here that I invited you to pause for just a moment and read the titles of each of the ten lessons and the five bonuses. Don’t they make YOU want to buy the course to access them? I know what I’m talking about when it comes to creating appealing titles. That’s why you’ll want to put these 50 titling templates to work for you!

Bonus Three:
Swipe File: 101 Bonus Examples To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing.

Here’s one thing you don’t need to worry about: running out of ideas for bonuses. That’s because you’re about to get 101 ideas across 20 popular markets, including: Online Marketing, Weight Loss, Travel, Organic Gardening, Love and Marriage, Home Security, Running/Marathons, Classic Car Restoration, Dog Training, Home Remodeling, Couponing, Foreign Language, Job/Career, Raising Children/Family, Computers, Antiques/Collectibles, Meditation, Anti-Aging, Mental Health, Self-Improvement. Plus, we’ll cover all 18 of the types of bonuses that you learned about in the course. You’ll never run out of great ideas once you start using this swipe file!

Bonus Four:
Bonus Backend: 4 Ways To Double Your Profit After Delivering Your Bonus.

To make the most of your bonus strategy, you should seek to create bonuses with built-in backend profits. Inside this document you’ll find out what the four perfect bonuses are for automatically turning on backend profit and how to make each of these four bonuses as effective and profitable as possible! The best bonuses have two purposes for you: to get more frontend orders (for your primary offer) and to get more backend orders (for your secondary offers). This bonus shows you four great bonuses that have added profit “built-in” to the type of bonus you’ll be creating.

Bonus Five:
Bonus CTA: 10 Copy And Paste Calls-To-Action For Promoting Your Bonus

You can’t just plop a bonus in front of your prospects and expect them to snap it up. In order to make your bonus strategy as effective as possible, you need to craft a strong call to action (CTA), which is where you tell your prospects what you want them to do next. Fortunately, creating a CTA is easy when you use one of the 10 copy-and-paste templates included in this document! Simply pick out the one that fits the type of bonus being offered and copy / paste it into your sales materials. Done!         

As you can see we’ve packed a lot of profitable information into this quick read course! (45-page curriculum and 40 pages of bonuses … everything you need to know without overheating your brain!)

You can also see that the bonuses really do add value and help you achieve the outcome you’re after. 

And you can certainly see the value of a course that teaches you how to start generating more sales, customers and cash. So now you’re wondering. 

How much is it?

Get Your Copy Of This Training For The Fully “Worth It” Price Of Just $37

If This Course Helps You Convert Just ONE Extra Customer,
It More Than Pays For Itself 
(And Every Extra Sale After That Is Pure Profit) 

But You Can Be Sure The B.O.N.U.S. Strategy Will Teach You How To
Generate More Profit From Every Single Offer You Create!

Now think about all of that for a moment…

If this course helps you convert just ONE extra customer, it more than pays for itself. But we both know that’s not the goal here. The goal here is to… 

Teach you how to create and uses bonuses in dozens of different ways for different objectives
to grow your lists, grow your traffic, grow your orders, and grow your spendable cash. 

If that doesn’t make the low-cost of Bonuses That Convert “worth it” to you, then simply walk away. Seriously. Don’t buy. Your $47 not spent isn’t going to make that much of a difference to me. But not buying Bonuses That Convert could make a big difference to you. 

You just need to decide for yourself if you already know everything you need to know about creating and using bonuses. Only you know if you’ve been using bonuses in all the different ways they can be used (and using them well) to maximize your orders. 

Create Bonuses. Convince Buyers. 

That’s what you’ll learn how to do with this course. And you can get started today by purchasing the 
Bonuses That Convert training – do it now, because the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start to see results.